Don't be spooked by your October goals.

Bring your October marketing goals to life with the help of our skilled team of editors, wordsmiths, inbox wizards and community-obsessed marketing managers.

For the last half of September, we are accepting clients with project start dates that begin on October 1, 2019.

What projects are we in the market to offer our services for, you might ask? Allow us to present the following for your consideration:

Email Marketing

We are offering end-to-end email marketing services. This includes campaign strategy, copywriting, offer development, audience segmentation, email design, campaign deployment, performance monitoring, and campaign performance reporting. Our software knowledge includes: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendgrid, and Marketo.

Community Management

Our community management services offer private social media group management and engagement, audience data collection via engagement posts determined by client-defined insight goals, developing and deploying community-focused initiatives and collateral.

Custom Animated GIF Stickers 

With the holiday season upon us and the importance of personal and company branding on Instagram at its peak, our team provides high-quality, custom animated GIF stickers for your current promotions, brand initiatives, events, or campaigns. These custom animated GIF stickers can be used in Instagram stories and can be used forever!!

Pinterest Marketing Management

With our partners at Tailwind, we offer a service that helps you manage your Pinterest marketing strategy. This service provides you with pin scheduling, writing SEO-optimized captions, and offering a personalized enhancement report to make the most out of the content you’re marketing on Pinterest.

Video Editing
We are currently accepting one video editing client for the month of October. This service can be customized based on your needs. You may be an influencer who is gearing up their holiday gift guides of the holiday shopping season or host a podcast that requires some bite-size promotional videos to market new episodes. Perhaps you’re even a brand with an event coming down the line who needs social media formatted videos to promote ticket sales, sponsorships, or speaker announcements. Whatever your video editing needs may be, we’ve got (one of) you covered!! 


But hustle, hustle, hustle! We're only accepting new clients through September 30th @ midnight!


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